Dean and love to have brinner (breakfast for dinner = brinner). And I have alway been a fan of The Monte Cristo*, so when I saw this recipe I knew it was some thing I was going to have to try. It was fantastic! I did made a few change to make it little more like the classic Monte Cristo. I used blackberry jam instead of cranberry sauce and I finished it off with some powdered sugar.

*The Monte Cristo is a sandwich of ham, turkey, and swiss cheese between batter-dipped fried bread. Traditionally it is dipped and fried in it’s entirety. It is served with fruit preserves, powder sugar, and/or honey mustard.

Recipe from Express Lane Meals – Rachael Ray

Makes 4 sammies

2 tablespoons softened unsalted butter
4 tablespoons honey mustard
8 waffles, such as Eggos, lightly toasted
1/2 pound deli-sliced ham
1/2 pound deli-sliced honey roasted turkey
1/2 pound deli-sliced swiss cheese
3/4 cup prepared cranberry sauce

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add the butter and melt it. Assemble the sandwiches by spreading honey mustard on 4 of the waffles, then top with equal amounts of ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese. Spread cranberry sauce liberally on the remaining 4 waffles and place them atop the sandwiches. Fry the assembled sandwiches in the melted butter and cook for a few minutes on each side until they are deeply golden in color and the cheese melts.



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2 responses to “Wafflewiches

  1. My favourite use of waffles… toasted peanut butter & banana sandwiches for dinner of course!

  2. We have brinner around here too. I LOVE this idea for a sandwich!

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